Manuscript Submission

We accept manuscript submissions for topics concerning

  • Mental, emotional, and behavioral health and wellness

  • Stories that inspire people to overcome challenges 

  • Stories that help people find motivation

  • Content that teaches others through storytelling

  • Content that promotes awareness through storytelling


This can be in the context of:

  • Education-Based

  • Support & Guidance

  • Research

  • Curriculum Development

  • Promoting Awareness

  • Professional Development

  • Personal Narrative

  • Realistic-Fiction

Submission Guidelines

Submit manuscripts online to the editorial department. The manuscript should be complete and properly formatted for review. When submitting a manuscript follow these REQUIRED guidelines.



  • An introduction of yourself, your writing interest, and writing experience.

  • Describe your credentials and/or experience(s) that gives you credibility and qualifies you as knowledgeable of your content. 

  • Describe your target audience and how your manuscript appeals to that audience.

  • Describe ways you will support the brand development and marketing of your manuscript.

  • Include in the email your phone number and email address

  • Attach manuscript as a PDF with your name and contact information

All manuscripts that are submitted without following the required guidelines and/or not submitted to the editorial department will NOT be considered for review.