Step 1

Review & evaluate Manuscript

Allow for 10-15 days (excluding holidays and the day before and after) for us to review your manuscript. If we need extended time we will email you.

If your manuscript is selected we will email you requesting a video or in-person interview.

If your manuscript is not selected, we will email you informing you of our decision

step 2

Author Interview

We will schedule a phone interview with you to assess your work.

step 3

Production Price quote

Within 3-5 business days following the formal interview, we will notify you of our decision. If we decide to work with you an offer and production price quote with be emailed to you. The offer and price quote are good for 30 days.

step 4

Agreement forms

If you accept our offer we will email you an author agreement form and other documentation forms. We encourage you read it and ask questions as needed.

step 5

begin Production

A deposit is required to begin your publishing production. This includes production specific staffing tailored to your production, editing, design, photography, consulting, scheduling, etc.