Need Writing Help?

3-Month Manuscript Program

(3MM Program)

Many people have a great story to tell or knowledge to share that will help others in their personal and professional development. But, one limitation is that they are not professional or career writers. This leads to:

  • unfinished manuscripts

  • procrastinated manuscripts

  • disorganized manuscripts

  • rejected manuscripts

  • poor quality DIY editing and productions

  • lack of credibility of the author and their work

  • critics

You do NOT have to be a professional or career writer or take years to write your book when you write with us. You do NOT even need a manuscript to write with us. All you need is your story and we work with you to have a completed manuscript in 3-months.


Once you have completed your manuscript with us we guarantee you an:

  • accepted manuscript for publishing.

Publishing with us guarantees you:

  • professional editing and productions 

  • high quality book (print or ebook)

  • credibility of the author and their work